Nov 19 2006

1st SEO Search Engine

SEO Search Engine – The search engine for the SEO – Human Edited

We have just launched our NEW! SEO Search Engine which is powered by Google. This search engine is targeted towards the SEO audience. Our editors, contributers and volunteeers add SEO sites based on relevance in the SEO world. This search engine provides results from sites that are known to provide factual information and good advise.

We would like your help to make this search engine the best. To help us please submit a list of SEO sites you have found to be helpful. We will accept sites that you own however our volunteers will review all sites and will only accept those which are most accurate.

If you would like to apply to bea volunteer for this search engine please post a comment or send me a email.

How exactly does this search engine differ from google?
Well our editors and volunteers help to rank the sites in the search results based on relevance and accurate info. In many searches you will notice a big difference between our results and Googles. Google is a great search engine and I highly recommend it however it doesn’t use human editors so doesn’t know whether a site is providing factual information or not. That is why you should use our search engine for all your SEO needs.

This search engine is powered by Google, what exactly does that mean?
Well it means that Google hosts the results and the ads. The search is made on our site and passed through Google where the ads are placed on it. You still get the human edited results which Google doesn’t offer and a Google-easy interface. How much better can it get?

Do volunteers rank the sites based on preferance?
No. As mentioned before these results are human edited yet the same principles are used that Google employs such as relevance and importance however there is one more element which we give more value than the others and this is its accuracy and importance in the SEO world. If a SEO site is well trusted among webmasters such as SeoBook it gets more weight. Sites that are known to be contradictory are pushed down below sites with accurate info. This doesn’t mean that your small SEO site won’t appear in our results. You can get your site reviewed by our volunteers by submitting a comment with the URL. Please also submit your favorite seo sites.

How to become a Editor/Volunteer
Would you like to become a part of the SEO Search Engine? Well signup for a application to become a editor. Send a email to with your Name, site and seo experiance. We will need URLs and keywords of sites you ranked so we may verify. Just in case you missed that we will verify these. We want this search engine to be relevant so want only editors who know what there doing to be a part.

Please take a look and support it by using it. Send us your feedback and ideas as we plan to use them. Submit comments and emails so I know your still around ;-)

SEO Search Engine

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  1. Mike said:

    When I saw powered by Google I thought it would be mainly the same results but it isn’t. The results coming up are pretty good. I see Aarons site and seochat a couple times which I think are very good sites. the results are pretty good so far. I am not sure exactly how this search works but it looks good so far.
    Also should be added.

    Aprreciated, Mike

    November 20th, 2006 at 9:59 pm


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