Feb 25 2007

A natural way of linkbuilding – How to create a linkbait

I have held off writing a linkbait article as I think Aaron and Rand did a great job of writing about it however I still have had requests to write one so will attempt it. Links to Aaron and Rands articles can be found later in the article.

Someone is bound to ask what the heck is linkbait? Well it is the art of fishing for backlinks. It is when a site creates a bait which acts like a magnet to attract links from other websites. This can be an awesome article, controversial article, or some sort of unique tool. Any of these methods work very well. In this article we will discuss how to create a linkbait, any pros and cons and its effectiveness over other forms of linkbuilding. You won’t want to miss this article.

How effective is Linkbaiting? – Linkbaiting is the most effective form of linkbuilding. Generally links gained using this method only increase in value so you don’t have to worry about massive disvaluing. Sometimes small webmaster sites will link to your linkbait, at this point the link has only a small amount of value but as time passes that site grows and the link from it grows as well. In this case overtime your value from that specific site would increase which effects your rankings positively. Now not all links achieved through linkbaiting will increase like this. But overall most are not disvalued.

What forms of linkbaiting can I use?
These are the most common methods: Writing a killing single article or series of articles(a series generally does much better), a controversial article or a tool. Is one better than another? Not necessarily. It depends on the article or tool. Depending on that either could perform best. Tools generally cost more to produce but if they are unique and in high demand they can become a massive linkbait. Especially if your offering it free while the competition charges.

A killing article as a linkbait
If you don’t have the writing skills or education in that specific niche you might consider hiring a writer. But keep in mind that article writers generally write general articles which can be found anywhere on the web so any articles written in this manner will most likely not turn into a linkbait. It is best for you as the website owner to write the content especially if you have a good knowledge of the topic and have a passion for it. Without those two elements your articles are likely to be dull and un-interesting or at best just another same ol’ same ol’ article.

Does your site offer a service or tool? Is this service or tool basically the same as many competitors sell? Consider writing articles about how to use this service/tool, a step-by-step guide on using your service. It depends on the service you offer whether this will create a linkbait however. It also depends on whether your competitors do it and if yours is easy to understand, and covers all aspects of the service/tool. I have an example here but won’t post it for selfish reasons. I have had this idea for a linkbait for one of my sites for over a year now and still haven’t gotten around to implementing it.

Write a controversial article
Write a article on a subject that is controversial, where you are likely to get links from sites that agree and sites that disagree. This form of linkbaiting can work extremely well if done right. Some black hatters also use this method. They write an article of some sort which is controversial and it creates a bait for links. These articles are usually on subjects such as ‘how to manipulate msn search results’ etc. However they are usually a little more tactful than that but I was just giving you an idea.
Usually if your site is a quality resource it can implement at least one of these two methods.

Creating a unique tool
This is also a form of linkbaiting. Create a tool that is unique and in high-demand and you may have created a huge linkbait. The downside to this form over the other two is that it generally is more costly, but then it can also be very cost-effective in the end if the tool does become popular. Your tool does not even need to be new, just add a new twist to something that is old. Sometimes that can be the best kind of linkbait. Make your tool easier to use, cheaper/free, more features, appealing to the audience who is demanding it and your on your way to creating a monster.
Creating a guide, faq and easy help system can also help it blow the the competition out of the water.

How does the world find out about my linkbait?
Very good question. Large sites can write articles and they get picked up within minutes literally and published all over the place. For a small site it may seem almost impossible for anyone to find out about your linkbait whatever it may be.

Forum posting…
Not for the link but for the authority and reputation and visitors. For a new site posting at related forums with quality posts and information can be a good way to build up authority and the popularity of your site. Other webmasters will start linking to your site based on the quality of your posts and before you know it you will have tons of webmasters just waiting for new content to link to.
But keep in mind that links should be placed only in signatures unless the rules state otherwise. Forum spamming puts a very bad light on you and your site.

Blog commenting…
Similiar to forums as alot of times the links may be nofollowed and have no search engine value however can have a great effect on your web presence. Find relevant blogs and post quality comments about the topic and put your link in the URL field and NOT in the post comment unless you know the owner of the site and they allow it. If your comments are not quality your commenting will be in vain.

Letting the world know…
This method works best for unique high-demand tools. This is when you contact webmasters who publish related content. Let them know about your new tool and ask for feedback. NEVER ask for a link. Butter up the webmasters by making him/her feel like their opinion is crucial to the success of your site. Ask for their honest feedback, suggestions and comments. If the tool is paid send a free version to the webmaster. Let them know you are contacting a few elite related sites which for professional feedback. Let them know there feedback will be used and they will be featured on the site as a contributor. Some won’t go for this but most will at least check out the tool. Make sure you have good documentation on the site and previews. This encourages users to look further into it.

Whatever you do remember that linkbaiting will never hurt you and on the contrary may be the best form of linkbuilding you could ever use. For some sites linkbaiting is not quite feasible however maybe for your site it is. I hope this article was of help in understanding how to get started. If you have questions or would like professional consultation send me a email. Please also take a look at the following recommended resources on linkbaiting:

RandFish on the Two Kinds of LinkBaiting
Aaron Wall on linkbaiting strategies

If this article was helpful please let me know. If you did not understand something or you think I could have added more info let me know.

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  1. harry said:

    Is Video submission can be considered as link baiting?

    February 28th, 2007 at 8:12 am
  2. visio said:

    Hello Harry, Video submission could very well be a linkbait. If your videos are good visitors/webmasters are likely to go to your site and may end up linking to you in the end. Videos can be an awesome linkbait. But find a way to provide unique videos/clips in your niche. That is what makes a true linkbait.
    Good luck with your linkbait!

    February 28th, 2007 at 12:29 pm
  3. digitalnomad said:


    March 2nd, 2007 at 3:45 am
  4. digitalnomad said:


    March 2nd, 2007 at 3:48 am
  5. visio said:

    HI DigitalNomad, Yeah the comments are all caps.
    Sorry to hear that about those errors. Can you please tell me what error your getting and what browser your using so I can fix it? I will add your email from this comment to the mailing list.

    Thanks for your comments!

    March 2nd, 2007 at 5:04 pm
  6. Serkan said:


    March 8th, 2007 at 11:54 am
  7. kale kapI said:

    Thanks for your comments!

    March 8th, 2007 at 3:26 pm
  8. s_jenkins said:

    given the fact that linkbaiting creates a network of sorts, does google have any actions against linkbaiting?

    November 14th, 2007 at 8:49 am
  9. visio said:

    Google loves linkbait and Matt Cutts has recommended it as a great form of obtaining links. Linkbaiting is natural and Google loves anything natural.

    November 14th, 2007 at 2:30 pm


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