Mar 11 2007

A niche in time – targetting the right audience

That was pretty good wasn’t it? :P – Anyways I believe this is a very important article in the seo industry. It can mean the difference between success or failure, a 1st page ranking or appearing nowhere. What makes this a very important aspect of seo? Why is it so important and can it effect me now?

The subject I am talking about is your niche. What niche are you targeting and why? This can be the biggest factor in starting your quest for that coveted #1 position. So lets jump right in

Okay let me step back and explain exactly what I am talking about here. As I said before I am talking about your niche. What I really mean by this is the topic your targeting. Basically what your site is about.

Many webmasters build sites based on how many dollar signs appear behind it. If they can see money floating around they will chase it. They build MFA sites that are basically useless garbage. I believe this is a very poor show of webmaster qualities and will lead to disaster in the end.

Whats my niche?
Very good question and deserves a good answer. I’ll tell you right out. It is where your knowledge is. No really that is your niche. I can hear someone saying “humbug I rank very well in a niche I know nothing about”. Did I say you couldn’t? If you rank very well without knowledge you would probably rank even better if you knew more about it.
Again you do not need to know anything about a topic to start a site and rank well. But I maintain here that not only is it easier if you do but you will also turn over more traffic.

I also believe users can tell when a webmaster knows what they are talking about or when they are just copying from a resource. Many people including myself like to goto specialty sites where the webmasters not only know what they are doing and do it very well but are excited about it. That excitement shines through their work. we want to hear unique ideas and angles of looking at things, not that same old mumble-jumble everone publishes.

And I am not saying you shouldn’t have niches you are still learning. Not at all. I myself have some of those however they don’t perform as well as my specialty sites. What I am telling you is not to find a list of the highest paying adsense keywords and start a website for it. These sites have a tendency to die fast. Instead try and target an audience with information your familiar with. Become well known as a trusted authority on the subject.

There are many advantages to knowing your work. Such as linkbaiting. Creating a quality linkbait is much easier if you know the subject you are linkbaiting. Whether your writing an article or if your programming a tool, knowledge of the subject is very important.

If you want a quick, easy way to make money and are not interested in creating a useful site this information will do you absolutely no good. You must be interested in your users first, money tends to follow along. If money is your only interest BH seo is probably your best route. It is fast and can produce a lot of money and does not require knowledge of the subject.

However knowledge of your subject can allow you to answer questions regarding it. This can also raise your authority in the industry. I have found a few cool blogs that have implemented this technique. They have a little ‘ask me’ button and they will answer your questions in the form of a blog post. This can create an awesome user experience and happy users tend to share their experience with others.

And lastly is a very important reason to target a subject you know. I have begun to refer to this as “visitor action and behavior factoring”. I will talk more about this in a future article. This is basically a theory that Google is implementing a factoring system which tracks user behavior on a site and will actually rank a site based on that. High quality sites will likely keep their visitors for a long time, while Black Hat sites will not. The length of the visit will just be one of the details of this new factoring system. Again most of this is speculation on our part but there is great reason to believe such a factoring system is being implemented right now. Again I will be writing on that soon.

I hope this article has encouraged you to start a website on a subject you have some knowledge in. I would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding this.

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  1. digitalnomad said:

    As always, another good article with good advice. dou what you love and the money will follow.

    I find it interesting that so much emphasis is based on chasing keywords and markets you may not have an interest in.

    what a boring way to live and work.

    March 11th, 2007 at 5:36 pm


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