May 22 2007

Adsense arbitrage given a blow

I was reading a post by Jennifer at yesterday about the Adsense arbitrage and I found it interesting. Ever since the Adsense arbitrage take off I knew Google would eventually deal with this problem. Of course it means throwing out some very high-profit publisher accounts, some which make 10-15k or even more. So Google isn’t playing favoritism here, they are dealing with the problem as a whole which I am very happy to see. I hate it when companies single out the little guys or just part of the problem, deal with it all or leave it be. Well it appears that Google will be shutting down publisher accounts which practice adsense arbitrage and MFA sites, according to Google you will get to keep any money you have made upto this point and have till June 1st to find a new ad network but after that your out. Personally I think Google did that on purpose so Yahoo would get them all :P

I myself have never tried adsense arbitrage. The first time I heard about it I knew it wouldn’t last long, I probably could have made some good money before it went down but I prefer to stay within the guidelines that way I know I will never receive an email stating Google is suspending my account.

Jennifer also believes this could temporarily make adsense profits for publishers drop, this could be true seeing as a good many advertisers will be out however I do believe too that it will help clean up the ad network and help promote more/better companies to use adwords. I am not too worried about it at this point, if I get rid ofAdsense I will either go ad-free or affiliate ads for tools I use.

There is one reason why I am writing this article. I wanted to link to Jennifer’s article for anyone interested in reading her thoughts but I also wanted to answer a question I get fairly often which is “do you recommend adsense arbitrage?” and “is adsense arbitrage white hat?”

I always answer this telling webmasters not to use it, now I can confirm why they shouldn’t use it. I promote some of Brad Callen’s tools, the ones I use myself, however I never promoted his e-book on adsense arbitrage because I always felt it was short-lived and there were better ways of spending your time which in the future will turn out more money then a temporary adsense income using arbitrage.

I have reiterated this point over and over to webmasters. Create your websites with users in mind, create a site that you would love if you were the user instead of the webmaster. Create a site that offers the user what they want, what they don’t know they want, options, innovation, quality articles, and get them involved. Don’t waste your time creating MFA sites and other schemes that will likely die out, spend your time creating a quality site and it will pay off.

Some of these publishers had both quality and low-quality/MFA sites and now they will have to use another ad network for their quality sites because I tend to doubt Google will reinstate many of these publishers very easily. Somebody also told me that Google is cracking down on publishers who get banned and try to get back in with different details. So i’d be careful going that route too.

Well here is the link to Jennifers article on Adsense arbitrage

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