Hello fellow SEOers, if you would like to get ahold of me for whatever reason you may fill out the form below. While I do accept unique SEO clients from time to time I do discourage you from submitting a request unless your site is very unique. This includes but is not limited to, web tools, revolutionary web 2.0 sites etc. If your another web host vying for that #1 spot in Google for “web hosting” then rest assured you are not unique…
But if you do have some revolutionary web tool you want to tell the world about then let me know… I don’t mind sharing the love, if you have something that wonderful I will have no problem featuring it on my blog.

I do offer consultation starting at $150/hr. If you would like specific advice on certain scenarios or would just like to spend an hour talking to me then you fall into this category. I have very few hours available so first-come first-served…

If you would like to inform me of bugs/issues with the site it is much appreciated. Just fill out the form and provide necessary info, screenshots are helpful if applicable.


  • Traditional link exchange emails will be ignored. Ask me to review your site, don’t ask me to exchange links with you.
  • If you submit a request for a site review/tool review and do not get a reply, please do not keep re-submitting. I will get back to you when I get a chance if I feel the tool has merit. Repeated submissions will only slow that process down.
  • Will  you sell me subscribers or refer me clients? The answer is no! There isn’t a day that goes by that somebody doesn’t IM or email me asking if I will refer them clients or sell them an email list. Don’t even waste your time emailing me. I refer clients to SEO who have proved themselves to be competent and reputable. Thanks anyways!
  • I have a truly outstanding idea!!! Lets do a three-way link exchange – Sorry not interested. Save your time and mine by not sending that email.
  • If you have a unique SEO problem which you cannot find an answer to anywhere on forums, blogs or other seo sites I DO want to here about it. I may answer your question for free if it is that unique. I am always interested in learning new things… BTW meta tag questions don’t fit into this category ;-)

I hope this list does not seem mean but I get a ton of email… serious questions and comments are encouraged, whether it be a simple “Thanks for this blog! It has been very helpful” to a comparison of my research to your own. I will find time to look at such emails. Please keep sending them in…

If the following form does not work, please email me at randy[at]1st-rankings[dot]com

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  4. NOTE: Link exchangers, we do NOT exchange links however if you would like me to review your blog/site/tool or just want to share something with me that is fine. I will check all such emails out but I do ignore all conventional link exchange letters. Thank you!
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