Dec 26 2006

Evil Matt Cutts or Ignorant Fool?

What I am about to discuss has bothered me for a while here and I just had to make a post about it. I am just that bothered with it. It bothers me when ignorant fools present false information as fact and at the same time prove their ignorance, but to a beginner webmaster their information may appear valid. This bugs me greatly.

Now you are probably thinking I am referring to Matt Cutts. But this post is not about him but one of his enemies.
I am sure most of you are aware of Matt Cutts blog – Matt Cutts works for Google and is supposed to be a sort of mediator between Google and the webmaster world. It isn’t a bad idea except that Google wants to keep their engine spam free which means they may tell us things that aren’t entirely true such as the .edu/gov link value just so that certain factors won’t get spammed but that is not what my article is about so I won’t go into that.

Recently some nut created a site called evilmattcutts(.)com. This guy proves in every post that he is not sane let alone a seo. As I said before I disagree with different things Matt says but he isn’t a stupid guy and for that reason alone he works for google. Google hires smart people. He also doesn’t deserve this nonsense from a idiot like this. Let me quote some things this guy has said that shows his ignorance and insane ideas.

The Google Wheel of Death is Spinning
No I haven’t heard of that before either. Maybe the caveman on the geico commercials showed them how to create it :/
Hmm I think I like that. That shall be is nickname… Our caveman friend wrote:

Let see how this summer has been for most of us? On June 27th many websites disappeared. Those who didn’t shot to the top of the Google making tons of money. Then on July 27th, the rest of the websites got sunk to oblivion. Then finally on September 15th, Google basically quit working and anyone effected by the curse of Google basically gave up, went home, and got drunk. Now the wheel is spinning again. Where will it land? Will Google return those webmasters who have had to work at Burger King part time to pay for Preschool in lew of their revenue, to the tops of search engines? Or is the face of Google now a battered and broken search engine that returns nothing but nonsense.

Notice the last part which is bolded. This statement is interesting because it shows both his ignorance in statistics and seo. When 80% of the internet actively uses Google as a search engine I kind of doubt that it is a battered broken search engine. I have a different idea. I think this guy is another spoiled brat who was too impatient/lazy to get rankings in Google so had to create a hate blog. This guys blog is a bunch of none sense put into words.
If he had any kind of seo knowledge he would understand why the fluctuation but he obviously doesn’t.
What does the caveman say about PageRank?

Where does Google PageRank come from?
I love this article he wrote because again it proves his total ignorance in the face of seo. I have seen the dumbest webmasters with the least amount of internet experience who had more knowledge of seo than this nut.

Here is the article: evilmattcutts(.)com/2006/09/
” We all know when a site links to another site, it passes on some of it’s PageRank to the site it links too, but assuming you must have PageRank to give it, where does the original first page rank come from? “

Don’t you love it? This guy thinks that after the toolbar it ends *rolls eyes*. If he had an ounce of seo knowledge he would know that for 1 Google does not update the toolbar all the time which means you may vary well have a PR3.79 but the toolbar still shows PR1. Also PR is not a number between 1-10 so a PR0 may still have value and lastly PageRank is not what gives value. When I link to a site my PR has nothing to do with how much value is passed to that site. The value passed is based on the relevance of my site to the link, the anchor text and most of all my backlinks and their relevance to my site. This guy should take a crash-dummy course to seo. he might at least learn the basics then

How to kill the googlebot
Now kidding this nut even has a post with a bunch of crap about killing the googlebot. Granted it is just a bunch of none sense and he doesn’t actually give a method for stopping the googlebot from crawling your site but what kind of idiot would want to stop Google from crawling their site? I wouldn’t sacrifice that part of the pie for nothing. Yahoo sends me very little traffic and that is mostly worthless traffic. MSN keeps sending more but again this traffic his lower quality and has alot less conversion rate.

I want to show you one more site. This site was founded by a spoiled brat(the adult version – much worse kind). This spoiled guy did not have patience or a work ethic so he gave up and decided to start a hate site. Much like the evil-matt-cutts site. This site is googlewatch(.)org. Before you go and read all his crap read a unbiased site about his site: Google-Watch-Watch
The guy who started the first site: google-watch is a loser so he decided to create a hate site about Google. This happens to PayPal, Ebay, Wal Mart, and any other large company.When you get to a certain size the low-life start popping out and attacking you. This guy couldn’t get a good ranking or PR for his first site so he started his hate group. His first site now has a pretty good PR because his hate site is now a link-bait.

His information is a bunch of bull made up for those who are ignorant and that is the only reason the site was started. And I haven’t even mentioned his 4yold artistic abilities. Wow what does he use? Paint 1.1?

I created this post because I know these guys have followers. Most of these followers are losers like the owners of the sites but there are good webmasters who just don’t know and that is who this article is for. I put () around the dot in the urls to these sites because I don’t pass any value on to lazy guys.

Most of these guys have 3rd grade educations, lazy attitudes, impatient bodies and hate. Hate will sink any site and laziness will crash you on the rocks.

I don’t start hate articles and usually keep my nose out but I know the backgrounds of these guys and it really isn’t fair for you not to know. Most professional seo have no problem with Matt Cutts they just use their seo experience to tell them what seems right. Matt has made good posts and provided great info like alot of sites he just has a biased opinion. Sites that hate Matt or Google should really be watched because there is usually a reason hidden beneath the surface which is probably the owners fault and not Googles. For some reason certain people think Google owes them something. Google owes you nothing and any position you have you should be thankful for. Walk into real life and see if there is any free advertising like Google. There isn’t. In real life you can pay $500 for a magazine ad. Be thankful for what you do have and work hard for what you want.

And a note to those who emailed about a Keyword Research article. It is coming. I started it before christmas and am working on it I just want to make sure it is perfect. I want it to be useful to you folks. Thanks for reading my blog and your supportive comments! Some really great articles are coming in late December and January at least that is what I am planning.

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4 Comments on this post


  1. Enblogopedia said:

    Thanks for the article man!
    Do you know what is the funny thing about it?!
    he uses Google Adsense! hehehehe

    December 26th, 2006 at 8:28 pm
  2. visio said:

    Well I guess it is just his last attempt at sanity… lol

    These guys a lot of times do use Adsense and sometimes even adwords. Want to hear something really ironic? There was even a guy who started a adwords hate site who used adwords to promote it. What ever..

    Glad you enjoyed the article!

    December 27th, 2006 at 1:59 am
  3. Beatle said:

    “Matt Cutts works for Google and is supposed to be a sort of mediator between Google”

    Matt cuts is a PR man for Google but does not admit it. Everything he says is very deliberate and meant to help Google. I would be more concerned about the near monopoly that Google has and its power to influence others. Why do feel compelled to come to the aid of Google rather than the little guy who wants to express his opinion?

    January 15th, 2008 at 9:06 am
  4. visio said:

    If you have read many of articles or spent anytime with me you will probably realize I have little good to say about Cutts… he has lied over and over about ranking algos, factors and how google works. I was more of pointing out that the anti-matt cutts guy was a nut than “aiding” Matt Cutts. Matt Cutts is not bad he just isn’t reliable as a seo opinion, he is biased is all.

    January 15th, 2008 at 1:24 pm


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