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We are not going to claim we made this tool and you will see the link to Seobook because Aaron is the author of this tool. Aaron Wall is a well respected SEO and I don’t mind sending him traffic because I have learned a lot from him over the years and should pass it on. Aaron’a articles are usually short, very informative and helpful. You will learn a lot just hanging around a little while. I also highly recommend Aaron Wall’s SEO Book which starts out at beginner level and advances to everything you will ever need to conquer Google. Don’t be fooled by thinking that the price is too expensive. I have not seen another E-book that compares in anyway. I am not on a sales hype for Aaron I am just being honest. I feel as a real Seo blog I shouldn’t just offer my knowledge but should direct my visitors to other sites that are very informational.

And now I am looking back over what I wrote wondering what that has to do with the tool I planned on talking about. I guess I wanted to give a little info on Aaron Wall and his blog.

This Keyword Research And Suggestion Tool allows you to submit one keyword which is then forwarded through Yahoo search history and other databases to create other related keyword searches. It gives you the Overture high bids, Monthly search volume(estimated however fairly accurate for a estimate. Sometimes it is lower and sometimes much higher), Google/yahoo/msn search volume(estimated except yahoo which can be inaccurate because of automated queries), Google Trends, Google Traffic Estimator, Google Suggest, Adwords Keywords Tool and more. This tool is easy to use and provides some good info. Its not the best Keyword Research tool in the industry however it is free and again is pretty handy for fast research.

1st Search Engine Rankings is planning on creating a Keyword Research tool but we don’t want to create a same ol’ tool. we want one that is better than all the competition or we might as well just refer you to them instead of wasting $1000s on creating our own. If you got ideas for this send us a email.
Keyword Suggestion and Research tool for Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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