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Check your Link Popularity Tool

This link popularity tool is pretty simple but gives some useful data including your current PageRank, Alexa Rank, Yahoo! backlinks, MSN backlinks and Google Backlinks. But wait the Google Backlinks data is different than a brings up. Thats right! This is not the traditional Google Backlinks checker. This tool gives you the real number of Backlinks or atleast as close as it gets. This number may not be totaly accurate as Google is always updating different data centers and we could be back a little but this is one of the most accurate tools to date unless someone can show me another ;-)

How does this tool get more accurate data than any others? That is our secret but check it out and if you find any faults send it back for a full refund and a complimentary 50% extra back.... heck if it wasn't free I would like to be on the other end lol

Check Your REAL Link Popularity Tool!


Link to this tool: