Jan 14 2007

List of 61 useful Seo Tools

Below I have compiled a list of seo tools I have found useful. I will be adding to these from time to time. If you have a suggestion for a new tool to be added please send me a note. Please keep in mind this is supposed to be a list of tools I have found helpful. It doesn’t mean you will. However I highly doubt you will go away without finding at least a couple new tools in my list. Please do NOT post this list anywhere else or I will be forced to take legal action. Thank you for respecting that!

The list ranges from the PageRank lookup tools to Keyword research to Adsense tools. It has a little of everything. Most of these are free or have trials. I added some tools such as the PR lookups that I don’t necessarily use but except for that I would recommend any of these tools. Again I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for additional sites.

Now most of you know I don’t use or believe much in the pagerank. I don’t think it has a effect on your rankings. However it can help sell links which some of you are hot into at this time. So here are those tools.

Multiple Data-Center PageRank tool
This tool checks the main data centers at Google for your PageRank. This can help you identify changes such as future pagerank and decreases. Pagerank figures shown in certain data centers may not be seen in your google toolbar for some time.

Display your PageRank on your site
As you probably guessed this tool allows you to put a piece of html code on your page which tells your visitors what your PageRank is. It also shows your index pages and backlinks in Google. It is updated everyday so changes in PR, backlinks and indexed pages will be noted every 24 hours. Some of you may find this useful for selling links. I just thought i’d throw it in.

Full-Page PageRank Tool
This is a interesting tool. You put in your url and it will show you what the PageRank is of each individual outgoing link that is on that page. It shows both inbound and outbound links. This is very useful for checking a bunch of pages without entering all their urls. Just put in your sitemap url and you can see each pages PageRank. Even though I don’t put much faith in PR I did think this was interesting.

Fake PageRank Detection
This tool allows you to check and see if a sites PR is real or not. This can be done manually through google site search however a automated tool is probably faster. Another cool thing is that they allow you to put the html on your site which shows that your site PR is valid. Again this could be useful for those selling links.

Link Popularity Tools
These tools will help you do some link popularity research on your own sites and your competitors. This info can be helpful in figuring out what your competitors excel in and where they are failing.

Check link popularity on multiple Data centers
Again the anchor should give away what this tool does. It checks your backlinks on many different DCs. This can be useful to see what will be added to the LINK: command soon. However keep in mind Google link popularity research is not very helpful as Google shows only a sampling of your backlinks.

Check Your REAL Link Popularity Tool
This tools gives you the follow info. Your current PageRank, Alexa Rank, REAL Google, MSN and Yahoo backlinks. Yes this tool gives the accurate number not the number shown in the Link: command. It doesn’t show these sites however. That is the only downfall. Some interesting info just the same.
Check Link Pop for Google, MSN and yahoo!
A very simple tool which checks MSN, Yahoo! and Google for how many backlinks you have. It doesn’t show them or give any other details. Very simple.

Backlinks Analyzer Tool
A interesting tool which analyzes your backlinks in Google. It gives the url and then gives a archive result, google cache, whois and other info so that you may see where your link was in case it was removed for some reason.

Check that your not linking to a bad neighborhood
Checks to make sure your not linking to a bad neighborhood site. Note: Sometimes takes a while.

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis
A tool that checks your backlinks and puts the anchor text used to link to your site beside it. If there is more than one link it shows both. A lot quicker than checking each page individually.

Reciprocal Link Checker
This tool checks a list of backlinks to make sure they are still linking and that they aren’t using nofollow or dirty tricks. The only downside to this tool is that you have to enter the backlinks urls. If they could change it so that the tool used Gogoel, yahoo and msn or saved your list for future lookups it would be great.
Keyword Research
These tools will help you do some keyword researching for your site. Some of these tools may cost some money but I will put a note by each whether I believe it is worth buying. Many of them however are free. I will note that as well.

Keyword Difficulty Tool – FREE
This keyword difficulty tool analyzes the competitive landscape search term or phrase then sets a percentage score of difficulty as well as providing VERY detailed analysis of the top ranked sites for that key-phrase. This tool is very helpful in keyword researching. I highly recommend its use. The tool does take a while to load all the data because of how much info it digs up however it will do this on its own so you can shut the computer down or take a walk and it will do it by itself online. SeoMoz has screen shots of the tool in action.

Keyword Difficulty Checker – FREE
Very simple tool which provides a estimated difficulty for your set keywords. It shows a graph and sets the competition level from 1-100. It doesn’t give much info as to how this number is come up with. I find the above SeoMoz tool much more in-depth and accurate.

NicheBot Keyword Researcher – PAID
Very detailed keyword research tool. It is acclaimed by many SEO as the best. What sucks is their is really no trial. But I would highly recommend buying it if you are anywhere near serious about being a successful webmaster.

WordTracker Keyword Tool – PAID W/Trial
This is a interesting tool however the KeyWord Discovery Trial is much better I think. WordTracker keeps alot more of their features for members only. The trial version allows you to check MSN only however it does allow you to digg keywords by entering your main phrase and digging down to lower competition phrases. You can only research 20 keyword at a time and the trial ends in 48 hours as I recall. Test the trial and see what you think. If you decide you like it buy the full version. Many times I find the Keyword Discovery database much more accurate.

Keyword Discovery Research Tool – Free Trial(very good) – PAID
I love this tool. It is nice because they offer a very good trial version which lets you try-before-you-buy and that is exactly what many do. Those who have crappy trials lose out. This is a newer research tool but much much larger than wordtracker and is one of the most accurate research tools on the web. It also has some of the largest databases of keywords. There are limits but it is a great trial. I use it for all my keyword research. I use others as well but this is my main one.

Overture Keyword Selecter Tool – FREE
This tool is owned by Yahoo! so obviously the results are from their search engine. This tool takes a keyword attempts to broaden it with other related phrases and gives you the number of searches done for each in the past month. To find a more accurate Google number of searches you can sometimes multiply the Overture number by 10 or more. For simple research especially for yahoo this is a good tool but not for extensive Google research.

Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool – FREE
This tool is best for Adwords research as it gives the competition for Adwords however that will give you a idea at the organic competition. It also gives a graph giving the traffic searching that phrase. Unfortunately this isn’t numerical. It is just a graph. But it still gives you a idea as to what to target. The tool also gives information on ad prices and stuff for Adwords.

Seobook Keyword Suggestion Tool – FREE
A good keyword suggestion tool which gives the Yahoo search volume and estimated MSN and Google search volume. It also gives other resources such as Google Traffic Estimator, Google Suggest, Google Synonym, Adwords keyword tool, Quintura and others. It is a good suggestion tool and can help with your keyword researching. Doesn’t give much help in the line of keyword difficulty however which I would like to see him incorporate.

Keyword Elite Research Tool – PAID No trial
This tool is one of those tools I bought a while ago and is very useful for certain aspects of keyword research. It provides Adwords traffic and helps you build your own Adwords ads among other things. The site has reviews and more info on it.
I would not be without this tool, I highly recommend its use. It does indeed save you $$$$ and valuable time. I was leary at first when purchasing but I am very glad I did.

Keyword Cloud
This tool creates a cloud of your keywords showing the highest density keywords as the biggest words. It also has a percentage representation of the keywords. A interesting tool that can help make your page more targeted.

Keyword Playground
Another keyword suggestion tool. Enter your URL and it will give you suggestions on keywords based on the overture database.

Keyword Rich Domain Suggestions
This tool provides a list of domain names based on a set key-word which are keyword rich and may be available.

MSN’s Keyword History Trends
This is a interesting tool put out by MSN. It gives you the trend history for a certain keyword for the past year. It also makes a estimate on the traffic for the next 3 months. Sort of a stock market guess. A interesting tool to be sure. It is very very hard to get to without a direct link like this. For some reason MSN likes to hide these things from us. :P
Rank Checkers
These are tools that help you check your rankings on different search engines.

Multiple Data-Centers Google Rank Tool
This tool checks multiple data centers for your url and key-phrase(both set by you) to analyze where you rank on each. In many cases the information may be the same. In other searches the data centers may be quite different. It also supports international searches.

Multiple Data Centers Google search tool
This tool is in a way similiar to the above except that it provides the whole list of top ten results in Google for each data center as well as highlighting in red your site so that you may see where you rank on each data center.

Digital Point Rank Checker
This is one of the best rank tools I have found. It checks your rank on MSN, Yahoo! and Google. It tracks changes daily/weekly/monthly for each search engine and keyword. Very good tool for rank checking.

Google Adsense/Adwords Tools
These tools are to help you in using Adwords/Adsense and to improve how you use them.

Adsense Preview Tool
What would adsense ads look like on your site? What ads would be shown? Type in your url and it will give you a example of ads that will be shown on your site based on the content. This tool is pretty darn accurate at least from my tests.

Contextual Ads Preview/Comparison Tool
A cool tool which allows you to both preview what your Adsense ads will look like and to compare them with other ad services such as Yahoo advertising. Compare Google vs chitka, Yahoo vs Google, compare image ads versus text links and more. not to mention it also allows color and ad format changes. Very interesting tool.

Ads Blacklist
This tool creates a list of low-paying adwords sites you can paste into your adsense blocked list as a way to increase your cost-per-click.

Adsense Notifier
f This is a cool Firefox plugin which shows you your total clicks, daily earnings, impressions & CTR at the lower right hand corner of the browser. Very useful tool which eliminate the need to re-login to the Adsense stats.

Competitive Ads Filter
Use this tool to block certain sites from advertising on your site. You can block your competition or use the Ads Blocklist site to generate a list of crappy low PPC sites to block.

Adsense Accelerator – PAID
This is a paid database of Adsense keywords. I have not used this but some well known marketing specialists say it is great. So read up on it and make up your own mind. I personaly don’t go for these type of things usually but I may try it sometime to see how it works.

Adsense Profit Calculator
This tool calculates what your earnings would be if. Enter your impressions average CTR and Cost per click and time span and it will estimate your earnings.

Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool
This tool is best for Adwords research as it gives the competition for Adwords however that will give you a idea at the organic competition. It also gives a graph giving the traffic searching that phrase. Unfortunately this isn’t numerical. It is just a graph. But it still gives you a idea as to what to target. The tool also gives information on ad prices and stuff for Adwords.

Google Updates
I don’t chase updates around but some of you do so you might as well use some of these to speed up your chase.

Google Backlinks and PageRank update history
This calendar is supposed to show all the Google Updates for PageRank and backlinks in the past. I find it quite useless really. But it may be helpful to you.

Other Tools
These are miscellaneous tools which don’t belong in the other sections but still may be useful to you.

Reverse IP/Domain lookup
It is debated as to the effect if any that can be caused by being hosted on a server with a bunch of other sites such as gambling, x-rated and grey-barred site. Obviously Google realizes that there is shared hosting and it isn’t the webmasters fault necessarily so I highly doubt that alone will kill you. I think Google uses the registrar info more to decide that. But anyways take a look at the tool and see who else is hosted on your server.

Domain Age Check Tool
The age of a domain can play a big part in where and how it ranks. Older sites tend to rank better than newer sites assuming the sites are similiar in other aspects. Keep in mind it is NOT the domain age but the site age that counts.

Check Site Age Tool
This tool allows you to see the real age of a site. This is what Google uses to determine the extra value or importance of a site. The tool has caches of most urls since way-back. You can check to see if the site has been hosted for all that time, whether it has changed topics and other interesting stuff. This info can be very helpful in deciding whether to purchase a domain. I don’t mind telling you I use it frequently for this.

Page Strength Tool
This tool provides the following info:

  • The Relative Importance/Visibility of a Webpage
  • The Potential Strength/Ability of a Page to Rank in the Search Engines
  • Data on Popularity, Links & Mentions of the Page Across the Web

It provides interesting info and pretty accurate although in some case I have found it off by a big degree. I guess it can’t be perfect. But yeah it is a quick way to estimate your competitors page strength.

Geo Visitors
Where in the world are your visitors coming from? Use this tool to see on a map where your visitors are from.

Google Analytics
Googles free Analytics tool is very useful for keyword researching and identifying where your visitors are coming from, going to, leaving from, how long they stay, what keywordss brought them there, what search engine or site sent them and lots more. I totally recommend using it. The stats are updated every 24 hours but it is well worth the wait.

Search Engine Spider Simulator
What does your site look like to the search engine spiders? Take a look with this tool.

Duplicate Content Tools
Tools that help identify or fix duplicate content issues.

Similar Page Checker
This tool checks to see what percentage of two pages are duplicate content. Has limited uses.

This tool checks for duplicate content, in other words it checks to see if other pages on the web contain similiar content as yours. It provides these results, the percentage of duplication and a cache version. The free trial needs no registration but is limited to a small number of searches done each month. I highly recommend the paid version.

Site-Wide Duplicate Content Analyzer
This is a piece of software that checks for duplicate content site-wide. At this moment it appears to be down.

Simple tool which checks two versions of an article and gives you a uniqueness percent. You have to enter both articles your self. It does not look for duplicate content. This would mainly be good for those who like to reword and submit one article 500 times. I still think you should keep good content yourself.

Duplicate Content Tool
This tool diagnoses common causes and effects of duplicate content penalties.

(1) It tries to diagnose the common www vs non-www duplicate content issue by checking the headers returned by both versions of the url, the current cache in google, and possible PR dispersion.
(2) It checks for the common default page error where both the / and /index.html (or other default page) return 200/OK headers.
(3) It checks for incorrect 404 pages which deliver a 200/OK Header and,
(4) It checks for supplemental pages in the Google index.
Tools which help you create, manage or install sitemaps. Keep in mind that some of these may be most useful for large sites which have thousands of pages.

Google SiteMaps Tool
This tool allows you to submit a sitemap to Google. Again as mentioned above this is most effective for large sites which want to emphasize certain pages. Smaller sites are likely to see no positive effects from it. However it can’t hurt.
To submit a sitemap to Google it must be in XML format. A format some of you would be un-familiar with writing in. So see the below tools for that.

Create a Google XML Sitemap Online
With this tool you can easily create a XML sitemap for Google with a click of a button.

Blog Services
These are tools that will help you improve your web presence for your blog and/or help you better optimize it.

Ping a variety of services about your blog using standard URL or RSS feed.

WebSite Feeds
These tools will help you create feeds, manage them or submit them to sites that will help improve your web presence.

Create your own RSS Feed or Podcast
A tool that helps you create your own feeds and podcasts for your site.

>>Feed Directories:

OutPost earth
Large directory which collects updates from bloggers world wide.

A large news database where you can submit your website/blog feeds

A human-edited blog directory which is clean and pretty much spam-free. Great directory for blogs! Howdever it does cost $1.95 if you don’t want to reciprocate or don’t have a PR3 site. Pretty cheap though…

This is a very interesting site. You can submit your feeds to the directory and other users may browse that category and subscribe to receive updates from that feed. Very cool idea. That way users get what they want and you get users.

TailRank finds the most relevant posts from thousands of blogs. Tailrank also looks at linking behavior, the article’s content, links in common with other users, search relevance and other factors.

Similar site to TailRank. I was just notified of it in a comment so will be looking into it further later on.

This is one site you definately need to try and get your blog into.

List of RSS Feed Directories

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