Rotating Google Adsense Color Schemes – Reduce Ad Blindness


I am going to show you some methods which will help you increase your Adsense conversions dramatically. These tips can be used on any site and in a variety of ways. You will start to see a marked improvement in adsense conversions in no time. As different sites vary and may not be acceptable to visitors we do not guarantee our methods will work for your particular site. But I do think that you will find the techniques I have used to improve Google Adsense Revenue. If not I will give you your money back ;-)

So you want to make more money with Adsense sites. We would all like to find more ways of making money easier with less risk. Adsense is very low risk as you do not have to invest money unless you are building tools, paying for content(unique only) etc etc. These methods can cost but in the long run will put you further ahead of your competition because you have something your visitors will want.
So lets just jump right in.

First of all let me make it clear I will not be showing methods of making more money on spam/unethical or MFA(made for adsense) sites. I am showing methods that can be used on sites that offer quality information in their little corner. Sites that are an authority or could become an authority.

Positioning is Everything
One of the most important factors in making money with adsense is the position of the ad. If your ad is in a position were it can’t be seen or is hard to see you will receive very low conversion. Your ads should be placed on your site where they can be easily seen but are not distracting your visitors from reading the information on your site which they came for. The best way to improve adsense conversions is to have ads that can be seen well but fit in well enough that the user can read the page without distractions. Some sites have this idea that ads jumping out at you with pop-ups and pop-unders are the best type of ads.
Of all the ads I have tested Google adsense text ads have been the most effective. I am sure there are other ad systems that convert well and maybe even better than Google but I have not yet found that system.

>Right side of page beside quality content
I have found that the best and most effective place to position your ads is on the right side along your content using the principles found below.

>Near top of page or in-between content
Ads seem to work well near the top of the page just below the banner. NOT above the banner. Above the banner has much lower conversions.
Ads in-between content/articles do alright but I find they are very annoying to visitors which have to scroll down past the ads and hence they tend to ignore them(that blind visitor which we will talk about in the next section). I recommend the right side of page format which seems to produce higher conversions than most other methods.

Your Visitors are Blind to your Ads
Visitors to your site can become blind to your ads especially if they blend in too well or stick out too much. Once this happens it doesn’t matter if the ad is exactly what they have been looking for or not. They will never see it. Unfortunately many sites fall into this situation. Of course there are always new visitors who will see and click but you will lose visitors who might have been a convert. So what exactly can be done about this. How can you take advantage of each and every visitors appearance to dramatically increase your adsense earnings?

That is what I will be showing you how to do.

Like I mentioned in the above paragraph your visitors can become blinded to your ads either because it blends in too well or ackwardly stands out. The solution to this problem is very simple although generally overlooked.

In your Google Adsense account you have the option to select a template or color scheme for your ad block. This is what we will use to reduce ad blindeness. And no we are not going to use annoying colors to make the ad stick out. As I already mentioned this too can be invisible to the visitor.

We are going to create a couple of different color schemes that fit well with our site but don’t blend in too much or stick out overly much either. These color schemes I will be showing can be used on nearly any site with only a few exceptions.

So lets go setup our ads. Of course we are going to create ‘Ads for Content’. If you have browsed my blog even a little you probably will have noticed that my ads fluctuate. Yes each time a visitor views a different page or reloads the current page after a certain amount of seconds gets the same ad block yet with a different color scheme. Most adsense users don’t even know this is possible but not only is it possible but is very effective. It reduces ad blindness very greatly.

First of all we must Edit the Palettes:
Edit Palettes adsenseVIEW LARGER IMAGE

Once you have created a few palettes go back to Adsense for Content format and click Palettes > Use Multiple Palettes.

Multiple selections adsense

Use CTRL and select all the palettes you want your ad to fluctuate between.

As the old saying goes “…a picture is worth a thousand words” I am going to use the assistance of some screenshots to make some points and give a clear idea of exactly what I am teaching.

Color Scheme #1:

Adsense Color Scheme #1

ABOVE: This screenshot shows the Color Scheme #1 that I used. These are pretty much sample color schemes as any color scheme will work if it fits into a page without going too far to to the right or left.

BELOW: In most cases I do not recommend borders on your google adsense as they tend to convert less than without a border or bg(background being different than page background). But in this case it works well with a fluctuating color scheme.

Adsense Color Scheme #2

ABOVE:If you notice the color scheme is identical as Color Scheme #1 except the border. This is a good way to make the ads look slightly different but still have basicly the same color scheme.

Adsense Color Scheme #3

ABOVE: Color Scheme #3 is definitely a change from the others but still fits into my page. But you can be sure my visitors will notice the new color scheme and will probably check the ads to see if it is anything they wanted. Notice this is a indirect ethical way of pointing your users to your ads without actually doing it. The visitor will most likely not think of it and will not be frustrated by a bouncing ad.

Adsense Color Scheme #5

ABOVE: This color scheme is similar to the first two color schemes yet the title of the ad is lighter. A very small change which will still allow the ad to fit in but is still different from the other two. And remember the last ad was orange.

Adsense Color Scheme #6

Then back to Orange. Depending on the site you may have limited color schemes that will fit in as we mentioned. A darker site with a black bg would need totally different color schemes however the same principles can be used on any site no matter the colors. I have only provided an example of one fluctuating color scheme that worked well for me. But I am sure you can create your own and experiment. Don’t forget to send me your comments on the article though ;)

Color Scheme Principles:
#1 Use fluctuating color schemes
#2 Don’t blend your ad in too much or let it stand out too much.
#3 Position the ads so that they can be seen well but aren’t intruding on the visitor.

I would also recommend setting channels for your color schemes so you can find out which convert the best. By doing this you can test different color schemes until you find 4-6 that work well, fit in, and convert very highly.

I just implemented these methods onto this site a few days ago and have seen tremendous increase in conversion just by using the Color Scheme principles.


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