Oct 23 2006

Seo Elite Review Part #1

I had purchased this product a few months back and expected it to be like most other Seo software like Web Position Gold which I also purchased and found it to be not half what it was made out to be. I was a little worried about spending that much because I didn’t think the software would be that great. But I found it to be a great little tool. Actually it is not that little. It has alot of useful features and the only downside to it is if you have a dialup or otherwise slow connection you may have a hard time loading all the data but for fast connections it is great.

In our Seo Elite Review series we will learn about all the features of this program but in Part #1 we will be looking at Feature #1 Analyzing Backlinks using a specified Search Engine.

So lets open up Seo Elite assuming you purchased it. If not then read the article and I am sure afterwards you will decide you need it. If so I will be offering a coupon as well so lets jump in.

We are going to start a New Project and select the first method which is ‘Analyzing Bcklinks using a specified search engine’
In Step #2 we will type our domain or competitors domain which ever we would like to analyze.
Step #5 we will leave it at #500 as we shouldn’t need to analyze anymore than that.
We will now use the search engines Google and MSN. Under Step 7 we will select all the check boxes except ‘skip all onpage links’.

Now we begin the report. We can check the progress of the report at the top left of the screen. If you have a fast connection you can goto preferences and change the max number of sites to analyze at a time and how many totaly connections are allowed.

Once the report is finished we can start analyzing the data. At the top right of the screen click ‘Report View’ We now get the list of backlinks pointing to the site we just entered. On the far left we have the search engine each was returned from. Then the page our link is placed on which is a live link so you may click it and it will open your browser to view the page your link is on. Useful if you want to see where it was placed. Next is the IP address of the link. This is very very useful for determining whether a competitor really has 500 unique backlinks or if instead our competitor just owns 500 sites. If that is the case and they are all hosted on the same IP the value will be considerably lower and we may have found a little problem with their ranking fortification.

And the next column is ‘linked back’ Again this can be useful for determining if our competitors have a bunch of one-ways or if most are recip links. If alot of his links are recip and we can get some good one-ways we might be able to outrank them easier than we thought. I should also mention quick that by clicking on the title of the column for example ‘IP’ it will sort the list in order of IPs so you can see what sites have similar or identical IPs.

The next column is the ‘Page PR’ This tells us what the PageRank of the link our page is on. As PageRank has no effect on rankings its usefulness is limited. But atleast we know each of our backlinks PR. The Alexa Rank takes up the next column.
And then we have the ‘Page Title’ column which tells us the test used in the title of the page our backlink is on. This is also very helpful as the title of the page plays a part in the importance of the backlink. If our keywords are in the title it may give us more value.

And our next column is the ‘Anchor Text’ – This column tells us the anchor text used to link to my page. This is also a major factor in the importance of a link. The tool will also tell us if it is a image link or if it is a redirect which won’t pass PR.

We are down to the ‘Outbound Links’ column – This one tells us how many links are going out from the page that is linking to us. Again this is also part of the factoring of importance of our backlink. A page with many useless backlinks will give less importance to each however a page with 10 quality related outbound links may give you more importance than a page with just 1 so you may have to do a little more research on some of your backlink pages to see how quality they are. At this point Seo Elite cannot determine this for you.

The ‘Total number of links’ column tells us just that the totaly number of links on the page our link appears on. This includes outbound links and links to other pages on the same site.

We then have the whois column which allows us to easily find the whois data of a site within one click.

The next column is the ‘link value’ column which tells us the estimated value of the backlink. This should not be considered totaly accurate but as a guide. It is figured by the PageRank and totaly number of links on the page so you make your judgement on its trust. It is pretty good however at determining a pretty good idea of a links worth.

Now spend a little time analyzing your competitor and making your battle plans. Once your ready we will take a look at the Analysis View.

Okay now we are in the Analysis View. This allows us to see why our competitors might have that edge on us. We can see the keyword density for the whole page, H1/2, body, title, anchor text and more.
I have decided for this report to use dogup.com which is a site run by a friend of mine. Lets analyze the site and figure out what he is doing and what he isn’t doing.

Above I have selected in blue(using Photoshop) some of the keywords he might be targeting such as dog, dog names, dog dating and dogup(the company name). I then went down to the bottom of the screen and clicked ‘Add Keyword’ and typed them in there so I could get additional data on the site.

Here is what I found out. Dogup is the second highest percentage of times used as the Anchor text for backlinks to dogup.com. This is one reason if you can make sure your keywords are in your url as more often than not your backlinks will use your domain name. 6.8% of the time the backlinks to the site have the teh keyword ‘dogup’ in the title. Which the total number is #4. I also found that 20% of those webmasters linking to dogup use the word ‘dating’ somewhere on the page and 9.3% use it in the Anchor text to Dogup. The number in parenthesis () is the total number of pages that use it for example 76.7% use the word ‘com’ in the anchor text which is 33 pages(or backlinks).
As you probably alreadly realized this info can be extremly valuable in deciphering the worth of your competitors backlinks and what there highest target is. If most of your competitors backlinks don’t have correct anchor text you just may have found a way to beat them. We only anaylzed one site here but we could have found some of dogups competitors and analyzed their data to see where dogup could improve or where the competition has made a dreadful mistake. In this case we could have used the ‘save results’ button and loaded the data later to compare.
As you have found out just this one feature alone can provide so much data. I hope you have found this article useful and it has helped you learn how to use Seo Elite a little better. Please post your comments and questions on Seo Elite.

If you would like to purchase Seo Elite click here. This product normaly costs $167 but if you purchase it using this link I will send you a rebate of $20 after the purchase. This rebate will be sent by paypal only so unless you have paypal you won’t get the rebate. And this rebate is only offered by me. Feel free to check around.

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3 Comments on this post


  1. Jane wrote:

    I really enjoyed the article. A friend just sent me the link.

    Seo Elite sounds good but what group of webmasters is it for? Beginners, intermediate or professionals?

    Will you be writing alot more articles on seo elite or are there just 2 parts?

    I am glad you are running this blog. It is the only seo site I have found with info that I have actually found easy to understand. I know that makes me sound stupid but other sites contradict each other and are confusing at times.

    Thanks for your help in advance, Jane

    October 26th, 2006 at 8:51 pm
  1. visio said:

    Hello JAne, (first sorry for the late reply. My reply got moderated on accident and didn’t get posted)

    Glad you enjoyed the article. More are coming….

    Seo Elite has features that can be enjoyed by beginners and pros. I started using it when I was beginning and still find it very useful for research.

    There will be a part for each feature in seo elite so yes there are more coming.

    I am really happy that you have found a seo site you can trust. I spend hours writing and days researching the articles to write on. I try to keep it 100% accurate and easy-to-understand. Glad you enjoy my blog.
    Stop by often!
    Regards, Randy

    October 29th, 2006 at 2:59 pm
  2. Jason said:

    Seo elite is the best!!

    July 24th, 2008 at 11:52 pm


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