Oct 26 2006

Seo Elite Review Part #2 – Find and email high PageRank link partners

Well here is Part #2 of the Seo Elite Reviews. Probably still wouldn’t be writing it except a few of you got on my case because I was taking so long. Glad you did because I need to keep these rolling. So did you enjoy part #1? Did I leave something out? Not make it clear enough or was it perfect? Let me know in a comment or email. I like to hear all your comments.

In this article we are going to use Seo Elite to Find and Email High PageRank Link Partners. We are going to find sites with high PageRanks, high importance and high quality. Once we get these sites linking to us we will soon rise higher and higher in the Google ranking world. You will find how this easy-to-use seo software can save you hours of work and maybe make you a rich man/woman or atleast get you the traffic -what you do with the traffic is your problem.

Okay so lets open up our favorite Seo software: Seo Elite and create a new project. Select Option #1 from the first drop down menu. Type a name for the project. Select option #3: Add sites using keyword/s for the 3rd step. Then type the keywords separated by commas. Under step #5 select which search engines to use to find these high PageRank sites. I choose to use Google and MSN for this project.
Step #6 slide the slider to the max number of results to download. For slow connections starting out with a lower number say 50 is best.
Step #7 allows you to only find results which have a minimum PageRank or a maximum Alexa Rank(lowest rank is best).
Step #8 allows us to setup filters such as only finding sites that contain a certain keyword on the page or skip certain sites in our project. For our first project we won’t use the filters although they can be very useful.

In case I confused you here is a screenshot of what I meant:

As the results start downloading click the report tab. You will now see numerous URLS. The page PR, domain PR, contact email and other details related to the domain. As this is automated at times the email is incorrect. Check to make sure it looks correct.

Now if you select somewhere on one of the columns of the URLs(not the URL or it will open a new browser window to load the URL) it will drop the email for that URL into the email box at the lower end of the screen. You can now type a message to the webmaster of that domain and request a link from them. Quite easy right? Well to send them yes but to get emails back saying they accepted it is a lot harder.
So type out your letter to the webmaster and be sure to add your real name, real phone number(ph puts a extra 50% chance of acceptance on your luck), address and URLs to the main site and/or the page you want linked to. It is also best to suggest a place to put the link and name parts of the site and why you like them so much and how you found certain resource URLs very useful and so thought maybe they would add another. Make the webmaster a little proud of himself.


If you have good eyes you may have noticed I selected a site that had a N/A email. This means I couldn’t have sent the letter. It could mean either that the results aren’t totally downloaded yet(in this case) or a email couldn’t be found. Either way it wouldn’t go through. You may have also noticed that there is a ‘Insert variable’ link next to the email subject. This allows us to add a variable to the Subject or Body of the email for mass emails. For example maybe you want to put the URL of each site you are emailing into the subject or into a greeting at the top. Let me show you a screenshot example


Notice right after “I have visited your website…” I added ‘()’ and inside I put the variable [site_url] which will now send out each email stating the URL of the site right after “I have visited your site”. Don’t expect this to make the webmaster think it wasn’t automated but it still is nice. You can add other variables such as email, category etc but for now we will just be using the site_url one.


Now your probably wondering how Seo Elite will know you emailed a certain website. Well that is simple. Once you email a site you select it and go over to status: sent email. Now for future searches you will know that site is taken care of and maybe a few months down the road you may want to follow up with another link request.


If you go from the ‘status’ column over to the ‘Category’ column you will notice you are able to add a category and add sites to that category. This is useful for a couple of reasons. You may start a category for each individual type of sites so you can easily find the sites in a certain genre.

Also I should mention that you can sort Seo Elite data by clicking one of the columns for example clicking the PageRank column sorts the sites by PageRank from highest to lowest. Clicking again will sort from lowest to highest. Clicking URL will sort the sites in alphabetical order and vice versa with a second click. Also the Emails Sent column updates by itself as you send emails through Seo Elite to other webmasters. Unfortunately this cannot be edited outside of Seo Elite auto emailer.

There is one other thing that makes this tool nice for mass emails. If you click the first URL box(not on the URL or it will open a browser window) and then press SHIFT while you click another URL box down further on the page say the 20th URL. This will select all 20 of the URLs so that you can email all of them at once.

Some of you might like to do link exchanges as webmasters may be more likely to accept and that is also possible with Seo Elite. Like I mentioned above use the SHIFT method to select a list of domains and then email them. Once you have done this go down in the email template window and click ‘create links page’ which is located on the lower right hand menu. You may select Single or Multi-page layouts. The Multi-page layout can be used to separate the links into categories(the categories you create in the seo elite window). It is best to have a lower amount of links on each page so multi may be preferred.

Under step #2 you can either use the default Seo Elite template or use your own. This is so the links pages look like your site but it is up to you. In Step #3 select the directory to save the file into and what to name it. Seo Elite even allows you to add CSS styling to make your links pages a little more professional looking. You can also under Step #4 add bullets or numbering to the links. And at the end you have a option to sort them by link title, URL and weight in a variety of different ways. Pretty handy.
Oh and I should also mention that you needn’t copy and past a link template into Seo Elite everytime you want to use it. Just click ‘templates’ on the lower right hand side of the screen. Paste the email into it. Create a default subject line and a name and click save(don’t click ok until you click save or it won’t save it)

And and and… I keep remembering things to add lol. When results load if a site is grey it means the url does not have the keywords you entered in it. This can help you find the most relevant or what appear to be the most relevant sites. Black sites have the keywords in the url.

Now I have been showing you how to use this tool but haven’t really made my opinion on it clear. I think Seo Elite is a very useful tool and I recommend purchasing it. Other tools like Web Position Gold are a joke. Not only are they outdated but cost through the nose. They also don’t accept refunds which leads you to wonder. But anyways again I think Seo Elite is a great tool but there are parts that I should mention. The Backlinks Analyzer tool #1 which we discussed in the first review is my favorite. I find it useful for determining where a competitor has his link stregthn and how to beat him.

I have used the ‘find and email high pagerank link partners’ tool and did build some backlinks using it. I think my other methods of link building have worked much better but this is good for any beginners to try as it does work. I have heard others say they did really well with it as well. I think it all has to do with how you email, who you email and why you email. Also your site has something to do with it as well. A crap site will not get links.
I hope this article helped you learn how to use Seo Elite a little more. If I forgot something or didn’t make something clear enough let me know and I will clear it up. Also if you like all the screenshots let me know as well. I only get a few people congratulating me on that so I may just up and remove them if I don’t hear from you :P

If you are interested in reposting this article please let me know or I will have the site taken down right away. All the content on this blog is 100% unique and not published elsewhere. We aim to keep it that way. A few days ago we had to have a site shut down for stealing content from another of my sites.

Are you interested in purchasing Seo Elite?
If you would like to purchase Seo Elite click here. This product normaly costs $167 but if you purchase it using this link I will send you a rebate of $20 after the purchase. This rebate will be sent by paypal only so unless you have paypal you won’t get the rebate. And this rebate is only offered by me. And I reserve the right to hold payment until I can confirm that everything went through.

Again let me know in comments or emails how you liked the article.
Read Seo Elite Review #1 – Analyzing backlinks using a specified search engine

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This article may NOT be redistributed in any way, shape or form. If you would like to link to the article we would appreciate it.

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  1. Becki Maxson said:

    I stumbled upon these articles for SEO Elite and they have been really helpful. In fact, I was a little intimidated on how best to use it as a new webmaster, I bought it a few months ago, but now I’ve got a VA to help with some of the more automated stuff and I’m going to get in there and really make use of a lot of the features you’re talking about. Thank you for the help!

    January 13th, 2007 at 6:21 pm
  2. visio said:

    Becki i am glad the articles where helpful to you. We appreciate your kind comments. If you have suggestions for future articles on other seo programs, tools or resources let us know. We will do our best to create them.
    Good luck with Seo elite.

    January 14th, 2007 at 1:43 pm


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