Oct 29 2006

Seo Elite Review Part #3 – Find where your site is ranked for a given keyword(s)

Well here it is Part #3 of the Seo Elite reviews. If you noticed by the title I did skip a few projects and that is because those are simple projects that are explained well in the help doc with the software. These are the ‘allintitle, allinanchor, allinurl’ project and the ‘verify that link partners are still linking back’. The last is great of recip linking sites but I don’t recommend recip linking so decided to skip that one. It is pretty simple to get the hang of anyways. But if you should need help send me a email or comment and I will be sure to help you out.

So you are working on building links and optimizing your site and now you need to find out where you rank for the keywords your targeting. Seo Elite allows you to do this with Project #5. So lets open up Seo Elite and get started


Okay so we entered our URL we want to check the rankings for, the keywords and then selected the Search Engines to check. Of course I only selected the big 3 because the rest are irrelevant and aren’t worth ranking on.

As the results start downloading you will see a column for each of the search engines and keywords you selected. You may also use the ‘add…’ link in the URL column to add additional keywords. Seo Elite tells you your rank for each of the search engines and everytime you check Seo Elite will tell you the changes in ranking. It shows the daily, weekly and monthly changes. It even has a nice little graph which you can view if you click one of the keywords on the list. This graph will only show data after reporting the data atleast twice.


You can use the data to figure out where your rankings are going. I have to admit I don’t use these rankings checkers that much. I don’t really worry about it. Yes I check some of my main keywords quite often but mainyl work on link building and writing content and I can keep those rankings. But I am sure you will find the data useful.

If you are interested in reposting this article please let me know or I will have the site taken down right away. All the content on this blog is 100% unique and not published elsewhere. We aim to keep it that way. A few days ago we had to have a site shut down for stealing content from another of my sites.

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  1. jared h. said:

    never had much use for this feature in seo elite either

    June 10th, 2009 at 10:00 am


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