Jan 18 2012

Uncle Sam, Who Died and Made You King of Anything?

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, was a country where freedom and liberty was more than pretty words on an old dusty manuscript in a museum.  Then terrorism struck, so we sacrificed our freedom for a promise of peace.  As big brother continues to play with our freedoms like a cat toying with a mouse, it is time to stand up and say STOP!!!! This is somewhat of an unusual post for a SEO blog but when I was approached by Randy to write an article about the SOPA & PIPA bills I quickly accepted.

Before you close this window I beg you to consider the effects this bill will have on your freedom and the freedom of the press.  Read further to see how this bill will effect YOU!!!!

While Google is making their voice heard, Wikipedia is blacking out the largest encyclopedia on the web for 24 hours, the question begs to be asked, “What is the big deal anyways?”.  These two bills are touted as an anti-piracy act, but hidden beneath this seemingly harmless facade a bunch of power hungry, greedy politicians and corporate giants have been scheming. They are not concerned about your rights or copyrights, they are being paid off by big corporations to promote a bill that will protect their interests, not yours!

Okay, lets break this down into bite size pieces. The most frightening part of this bill is it essentially gives the justice dept. unlimited freedom to ban and block any website on the web, without having to prove by evidence or court of law. But just as scary is the fact that, if this bill is passed, a big corporation site could accuse a small mom and pop site of copyright infringement and possibly wipe out a small business. Please, before you brush me off consider this, when Monsanto sues a small mom and pop farmer for “stealing pollen” who wins? We all know who wins, the overfed fat cow.

Furthermore, lets say 1stSearchEngineRankings.com is hacked and pointed to a online shop scam, the US government would shut down this blog. And while it is likely there will be a recovery process, like most government programs, it will take oodles of time and resources, if not money, to try and get your site unblocked.

Lets consider another scenario for a second. Consider the authority forums and communities that many of us have spent years contributing to, they will be prime targets for this malicious freedom-sucking bill. As careful as the owners might be, as proactive as the moderators are, a user signs up and posts a plagiarized article, an image or even a video without permission this will be considered piracy and actions will be taken against the site. Can you see where this will lead? Keep in mind that the target of this bill was supposed to be pirates, but like terrorists, pirates have no moral code and while we are restrained they will continue to hack websites without respect for liberty, property or big brother laws. To remedy this growing problem the government will regulate and regulate until the web will look like a letter censored by a Nazi POW guard.

To better understand this issue, we need only look at the prohibition. To refresh your memory, the prohibition effectively shut down legal operation and distribution of alcohol, restricting those who had done no wrong. The effect on the “pirates”? Bootlegging spread like a wildfire through a dry forest, organized crime took over control of the alcohol distribution. In every case of this nature, those without regard for morals or law thrive and those who are really censored are the honest Americans who have done no crime.

Whether we are talking about piracy on the web, prohibition or gun control, the answer is NEVER going to be passing more laws through congress. This country was founded on the principle that all men are created equal with liberty and justice for all.  That means that you can’t block my site from being viewed without proving before a court of law that I have broken a law. It means that you can’t take away my gun because a madman used one to murder someone. Yet a new crop of politicians rises, a group that either do not understand or care about true liberty.

Now is the time to say no to congress!
Don’t wait till tomorrow, don’t hope your neighbor will stand for you. If you don’t stand up now, your freedoms will be torn from you piece by piece.  You cannot remain neutral, you either fight for America or you stand on the side of cowardly politicians who are being paid off to sell your soul to corrupt big corporations.
Take a look at these documents on the IPAP and SOPA bills:

Center for Democracy and Technology- SOPA Summary
110 Law Professors Letter Against Sopa

About the Author:
Anne Gravin has been editing articles on Wikipedia for over 7 years. She has dedicated long hours to protecting and improving the quality of the web through donated time to the Wikipedia project. This article has been written and published in cooperation with Randy LaCelle of 1st Search Engine Rankings. Please sign the petitions, call your congressman, stand up before its too late!

This article was written in support of freedom and in no way condones or protects piracy. We take piracy and copyright infringement very seriously and we will take any action necessary to stop it, EXCEPT the stripping away of liberties.  Why on a Seo Blog? Because  this Seo Blog will become nonexistent if this bill goes through. And far more importantly, many thousands of other blogs and small websites that express the American spirit. If you don’t stand, you might as well have censored them yourself!

This article MAY be reproduced, reposted, copied in whole or in part and used for the promotion of freedom. 1st Search Engine Rankings relinquishes all copyrights to this article if used for the purpose of defending Internet freedom.

Ps. The article title was inspired by Sara Bareilles’ hit song “King of Anything”.  - Thank you  Anna!

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    What a wonderful and interesting story this is of Uncle Sam and his deeds ! I really enjoyed the story.

    June 12th, 2012 at 10:06 am
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    The story by Uncle Sam is really very interesting. This is a great post for a SEO blog.The article on the SOPA & PIPA bills is outstanding.

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  4. drywall stilts said:

    You cannot remain neutral, you either fight for America or you stand on the side of cowardly politicians who are being paid off to sell your soul to corrupt big corporations.

    July 18th, 2012 at 10:18 am
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