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Have you found the articles on this blog interesting, helpful and maybe enlightening? I am a Professional SEO and also own and operate a couple of my own personal and business sites which I have been focusing on lately however I wanted to help WebMasters who wanted to learn seo find the info they needed to succeed. You see I don’t believe in the big companies holding all the positions in Google. I want to see more small companies who still care about their clients and who work hard to make a presence on the web. These are the sites I look to promote. I don’t want to help WalMart get bigger I want to help a small company accomplish some of their goals. That is why this blog is here. The information is free and you will never have to register to view it. All this information I have spent months of research, time and effort writing so that it is as accurate as possible. I have tested all these ideas and theories on my sites and if there is even a chance that it could be wrong I will not post it as fact but will supply it as a theory. If I have made a mistake or you believe I have made a mistake in this respect please send me a note with my error and I will be glad to change it if I am infact in error.

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