Jun 8 2007

Videos in Google search and how it could make you rich

Fairly recently around the middle of May 2007 Google began bringing up videos from YouTube(now owned by Google), Google videos and other video sources in their main results. If Google finds a video relevant to your search it may be displayed with sites.  These videos can be watched right in the google search window, no clicking out is necessary. This makes it easy for users to watch the video OVER clicking a result. So far these video results have not been overwhelming however they do seem to rank quite well especially if any mention in the search is made up “video/s”, “clip”, or other words which could insinuate the user might be inclined to listen to a movie.  However regular searches return these videos as well.

When I first saw these I was a bit surprised at first and immediately began to see money. :P
I can see how Google showing movies in there search engine could be a gold mine to affiliate marketers. How is that?  Well just think about it, a webmaster can create a movie tutorial or review of a tool/program and then post it to YouTube and perhaps start ranking for various Google searches related to that video.

Searchers then find the video watch it and click for more info and get the affiliate link.  If done right a movie can be much more convincing then a article and the user is much more likely to sit and listen to a video rather then read a whole article.

I am not totally sure how Google ranks these videos or decides to rank them at all. It could be based on popularity at YouTube and or links pointing at the video.

I think the advent of this feature will make many webmasters happy and I am sure Affiliate Marketers will take advantage of this feature.  If I had the time and if my ISP wouldn’t kill me for it I would probably make up 5-10 video tutorials/reviews to put on YouTube.

What do you think of Google adding this ability to their search? Do you like the idea, are you against itor could you care less? Please post your comments and thoughts.

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