Nov 1 2007

What is REALLY going on with Google PageRank

Seems the question of the hour. It never ceases to amaze me how upset some people will get over a loss of PR even if they are not selling links. And even if they can see no loss in traffic a hit to their PR will send them spinning as if they had been cursed. The latest changes in Google toolbar PR for October 2007 are no different, except perhaps this time the buzz is getting a bit more wild then ever before. And rightly so, many of the largest authority sites on the web are losing several pagerank points. But the question is why? What is going on? Am I being penalized? What can I do to return my pagerank to its previous status. Keep reading and I will share with you the REAL story behind the recent Google pagerank changes. It may enlighten you…

Okay first of all lets step back and take a look a the Google pagerank(toolbar that is). What google thought would be a fun little toy for webmasters has turned into a nightmare for them and their algo. What is the problem? Link buying and selling has become very popular, forums like SitePoint and DigitalPoint help flame the fire and promote the buying and selling of links. Many times these links are too hard for Google to distinguish. In other words Google sees them as natural and cannot therefore penalize them. Of course Google wants to keep their search engine as natural as possible and paid links tend to go against that process.

Google has made posts on their blog regarding this, they have had Matt Cutts write articles about paid links and get the neighborhood watch started – a system where webmasters tattle on other webmasters – and attempt to convince webmasters that Google will catch you if you buy/sell links. Matt has written quite convincing articles on this but as always I question it. Google has for the past year and a half(specifically) been working at undermining the sale of links unless nofollow tags are used. But they have not been very successful… it is like gun laws, in the end the bad guys have their guns or in this case their paid links.

Sorry for going through all this as I know you want me to spit it out, you want the scoop on the pagerank flux. I had to lay the groundwork to explain why Google would go to these lengths, then I can explain what is going on. Please bear with me….

Google has been for a while now attempted to knock the wind out of the paid links kick. So far their success is really not something worthy of writing home about. So they have have finally done what I have been predicting was coming for a long time now. Google has discounted the PR to a greater extent then ever before in the hopes that it will knock a blow to paid links.

During this PageRank(toolbar) update we have seen reputed sites such as ProBlogger and CopyBlogger go from a PR 6/7 to a PR4. This is a big drop and it has gotten a buzz to say the least. We have seen many high PR sites drop to lower PRs yet none of these report seeing traffic loss or loss in rankings which proves this has been no mass penalization against paid link buyers/sellers only. This PR update is hitting all sites in the hopes that webmasters will get sca

Some people are correlating this PR update with recent changes in rankings. This cannot be… if they were related then ProBlogger would have lost TONS of traffic and rankings which he didn’t and so far nobody has… this PR update was an attempt at discrediting the PR so as to flush paid link madness out of the system. There have been serps updates recently as always seems to be the case around this time of the year. 1st SER lost a PR point – is now 3 even though it was predicted to be 6 and with all the new links it has gotten it should be – even though I have gained a good deal of positions. This update has been very good for me so obviously can not be correlated with the PR update.

For those of you chasing PR knock it off. You will waste valuable time you could be spending on gaining rankings. As always this update proves the utter worthlessness and and uselessness of chasing pr and its involvement in the serps.
Well these are my views on the recent PR update and they seem to add up for me. If you got comments feel free to drop them.

Before I published this article I noticed Matt Cutts post… he appears to be insinuating this was a penalization against those selling/buying links and that you should be careful lest you are hit too… this is baloney. Many of the sites which were hit don’t participate in buying or selling of links and there is no way they would be associated with such. Matt Cutts/Google is attempting to intimidate webmasters into quitting buying and selling of links.
Some seo are suggesting that this update was against blog-link farms as one blogger called it. I have one problem with this… if this is indeed the case then wouldn’t it be logical to see some sites lose more PR than others based on how many of their links are actually of this genre? It would seem so however of all the sites I analyzed it appears that it is a consistent drop as though it has nothing to do with the backlinks and I wholly believe just that. This PR update has nothing to do with backlinks… I am sure some of you will disagree and some of you will call me a nut and a liar and that is fine. I say what I believe and I say what I see. This is what I see. If someone can prove me wrong I am ready to hear it.

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5 Comments on this post


  1. Bjorn Solstad - Devenia Internet Marketing said:

    You are pretty much in line with my own thoughts regarding the update. Google is much better at blowing smoke than anything else as far as I see in the serps.

    November 1st, 2007 at 5:05 am
  2. Best_optimized said:

    Copyblogger is back up to PR 7 after his blog network complained to Google.

    November 1st, 2007 at 11:27 am
  3. SW said:

    The real concern about being “penalized” by Google would center around a possible loss in SERPs. If Google drops the PR of a site (not that it happened to me) for some reason, would they next effect your position in the SERPs. That could be a major issue.

    November 2nd, 2007 at 2:44 pm
  4. visio said:

    SW your thinking is flawed… first of all your assuming Google can actually do that and I don’t think they can. That is why they went to the second best… if Google could indeed penalize every site selling links they would do it. The fact remains they can find very few of these.

    Google will penalize any paid link sellers they can find but again they can find very few of these…. that is why they had to discredit toolbar PR in the hopes that it couldn’t be as easily used to sell links. If Google could penalize all paid link sellers and discredit any value from being passed they would do it.

    I don’t think paid links are as wonderful as they are made out to be but if you do buy links don’t use services such as textlinkbrokers or google is more likely to catch you,.

    November 2nd, 2007 at 3:13 pm
  5. Facebook proxies said:

    Perhaps Google should of never publically released the PageRank. And kept it a secret Algo for only them to know. What they could do though now is just shut of PR from being publically displayed. Game over.

    November 4th, 2007 at 8:40 pm


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